About Me

Hello! I'm Carol Low,
Creative Writer & Content Creator.

Writing Since 2003

I started writing and blogging more than ten years ago, and have enjoyed writing for numerous blogs and websites.

My experience over these years includes writing product reviews, keyword targeted articles, corporate website content, retail store content, and company profiles and brochures.

With every project that I've taken on, I have grown as a writer and as a person. Writing has much to teach about life. I've learned well, and will continue to learn more.

Why I Write

Everyone has something that they are good at and enjoy doing. Writing is that for me.

Françoise Sagan once said this:-

“I shall live badly if I do not write, and I shall write badly if I do not live.”

I am the same way! The act of writing comforts me. It's the best way I know to express myself and tell my stories.

Nothing makes me happier than doing that which I love.

I write to live, and live to write. Books and reading also feature richly in my life. For me, reading and writing must go hand in hand, where I inhale from one, and exhale into the other. One simply can’t be without the other.