Success On Your Own Terms

by Carol

The path to success often involves many sacrifices. To get to where we define success to be, we shed off things that don’t directly contribute to the path, and embrace those that get us there quickly.

Often, we steel ourselves on this path because we need to toughen up to handle all the problems and difficulties we get thrown into. Soon, we forget the joys of simpler things and times. We manage life by numbers – time, money, number of recognition and awards, topping competitors, etc.

The world becomes a colder and more manipulative place. But we don’t see it, until we get off chasing the “success” wagon.

I say this with intimate knowledge, because it was once my world. I have since quit that world of numbers to embrace this new world of words and storytelling, to soften my heart that once grew cold. Now, I see the world in a different light with the same eyes. It’s amazing. And I like this world better.

I’m not saying that being successful is a bad thing. We all need a sense of achievement, and that in itself is a form of success. We just got to look into ourselves and define what success means to us, not blindly adopt the universal definition of success, which often means more of everything that’s material. Follow your own path, and go with your own flow. Be successful on your own terms.

Have a wonderful day ahead!

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