Choose Your Path In Life

by Carol

As I sit here with my coffee and words ready to fire off for the day, I take a moment and reflect on the last ten years of my life.

Starting from January 2010, my life took a change from being employed to self-employed. Scary yet exhilarating, I learned and grew in many different areas. I made myself do things that I was never comfortable with, and found that they weren’t that bad.

I also made myself stop doing things that I was comfortable with and enjoyed, because I didn’t have enough time in my day.

And so it went, a decade of my life doing something different, and I hope I’ve made a difference to those I was serving.

Now, in 2020, I’m starting a new decade. Making a decision for this big change to let go of what I’ve done to indulge in a whole new world is still scary. But, I wake up in the morning feeling happy and grateful that I’ve chosen to do what I most want to do and enjoying it tremendously.

The last ten years have brought me here. Building up my courage and resilience to just do it. In life, whatever we decide to do will always serve us in many ways. Moving on from one thing to another, we carry the lessons we’ve learned to our next adventure. Nothing is lost or wasted if we apply them in all we do.

Just as I had serve those in my last decade, I hope to serve and make a difference to more people in what I do now. Before, I was limited by geographical reach in who I get to serve. Now in this new role, I’m cutting across geographical barriers. There’s no end to how far my words and stories could reach. This inspires me to keep doing this and do it the best I can.

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