Is Your Cup Full Or Empty?

by Carol

We know this saying about self-care coming first, yet we tend to take care of the needs of others before our own. We give our time and energy to do what’s needed for our family and our jobs first. Then, with whatever remaining time and energy, we tend to ourselves. Most times, there aren’t leftover energy or time, and we overlook self-care and keep on giving to others. It’s not the best way to live, but we do it, understandably, because we feel responsible towards others.

So today, I just want to send a gentle reminder that we need to be well to be able to take care of others. Always start with yourself, then extend that care and responsibility to the others after. It’s not selfish, it’s not self-centered. It is sensible.

I do this with my writing too. First, I need to write for myself. Then, I write for others. It’s only when I’ve fulfilled my need for self-expression that I’m able to channel better energy towards writing for others. In many ways, writing mirrors life.

If you haven’t taken care of yourself in a long time, start today to do something just for you, and revel in that. 💃🏻

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