One Step At A Time

by Carol

We all wish to have a long, fulfilling life ahead of us. When it comes to living a long life, the years that are beyond us are hard to imagine and visualise. Sure, we’d love to plan for how we want it to turn out. There’s a big picture we see and then we take one step at a time to walk towards it.

Some days we lose sight of that big picture, and we struggle with our steps. We fumble and fall, and despair that we aren’t seeing the future picture quite as clearly. That’s all part and parcel of it. We can’t always see what lies ahead along the far and winding journey, what more the destination itself.

What’s more important is to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and trust the steps we take. We don’t always have to “arrive” because every step that gets us a little further ahead is a kind of arrival in itself. We would have done something that has given us joy, progress, and experience.

Arriving shouldn’t be our end game. Because we rarely stay long enough where we have arrived before we decide to pick up on yet another journey.

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